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Our Services

The Scope of Quantity Surveyors’ Services to be offered by ourselves are categorised and discussed below. These
Services can be made use of by the Employer / Client to avoid some of the areas of difficulty experienced by
previous Employer / Clients in the initialising and executing of their projects, therefore assisting in the accelerated
implementation. This applies in particular to:

Services: Services

Preliminary Cost Advice:

From the outset, we will provide practical advice on the likely cost of the project.

It is therefore important to appoint us
timorously, not later than the design Team.

Monitoring and evaluating designs as they evolve, to ensure compatibility with the Employer / Clients’ budget.

The cost advice enables design decisions to be made with complete knowledge of their financial implications to the Employer / Client, which may, in turn, enable the Employer / Client to make other financial decisions that he might
otherwise, normally have to delay.

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