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Mobile Crane


Field of Work: FAQ


  • Housing Schemes (including low cost housing)

  • Offices

  • Day Clinics

  • Alterations to Kitchens

  • Alterations to Ablution Blocks

  • Hostel Blocks

  • Shopping Centres

  • Recreation Clubs

  • Communication Centre

  • Security Complex

  • Schools

  • HallsMulti Purpose

  • Hospitals

  • New Kitchens

  • New Ablution Blocks

  • New Change Houses

  • Indoor Sport Stadium

  • Sports Stadiums

  • Boiler Houses

  • Town Houses

  • Libraries

  • Police Stations

  • Magistrate Offices

  • Laboratories

  • Various types of Maintenance Contracts

  • Major upgrading on various buildings, structures, etc.

Civil Engineering:

  • Roads

  • Railway Sidings (i.e. Earthworks and

  • Trackwork)

  • Various types of Reinforced Concrete

  • Structures (e.g. Pre-cooling Towers, Vent

  • Drifts, Refrigeration Plants, Ice Plants, etc.)

  • Dams (Earth)

  • Major Earthworks

  • Services, i.e. Sewers, Storm Water, Water

  • Reticulation and Roads for Housing Schemes

  • (Township Development)

  • Silos Reservoirs (pre-stressed / post-tensioned)

  • Underground (Mining) Civil Engineering

  • Structures

  • Various types of Maintenance Contracts e.g. Roads, Trackwork,

  • Underground Trackwork, etc.

  • Major upgrading of various types of concrete structures

  • Specialised concrete repair work to various reinforced concrete structures

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Pipe Columns (varying from 25 to 1000NB)

  • Steel Structures Piping Works (Plants e.g. Gold, Uranium Plants, etc)

  • Underground (Mining) Steel Structures and Pipelines

  • Conveyor Gantry Steelwork, Trestles, Stringers, etc., and Mechanical Works (i.e. pulleys, idlers, take-up towers, belting, etc.)


  • Rehabilitation Cost Estimates

  • Closure Liability Estimates

  • Vaal River, West Wits and Free Gold (Welkom).

Project Management:

Associated with all the normal quantity surveying services on construction projects, project management / co-ordinated minor construction projects on behalf of the Engineer / Client
Note, the above experience and expertise were mainly from previous mining houses i.e.:

  • Anglo American (Vaal Reefs, Western Deep

  • Levels and Free Gold)

  • Anglovaal (Hartebeestfontein)

  • Gencor (Buffelsfontein)

  • Currently, we are rendering services for Harmony Gold Mining Company


  • Rendered services for Minorco (Anglo American) - South America in Argentina at Cerro Vanguardia where I spent some time on site. (Three months).

  • Closure Liability Estimates for AngloGold Ashanti Limited - Namibia

  • Closure Liability Estimates for AngloGold Ashanti Limited in Mali at Yatela and Alamoutala (Sadiola)

  • Closure Liability Estimates for AngloGold Ashanti Limited in Tanzania at Geita Gold Mine

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